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Dubai Marina is an ideal place to go for a getaway with its pleasant climate, fabulous culture, shopping arcades and best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai. This place offers a wide variety of cuisines ranging from Indian to Italian, Chinese to Japanese, Middle Eastern to European food. The city has a modern airport with state of the art facilities that cater to the needs of travelers. There are many hotels available around the city for tourists with the best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai marina nearby.

When it comes to food, nothing beats seafood restaurant in Dubai. If you really want to experience the exotic flavors and mouth-watering delicacies then head to seafood restaurant in Dubai. The restaurant offers excellent seafood dishes along with steaks and other meat dishes. Some of the best dishes here include baked lobsters, roasted lamb racks, fresh tuna sushi, crab cakes and chilled seaweed salad with egg rolls. All these dishes are made of fresh ingredients which help in adding flavor to the dish. Some of the popular seafood restaurants in Dubai include Gold Star Hotel, Ritz Carlton and Hilton Dubai Creek.

Vegetarian Restaurants
Vegetarian Restaurants

Dubai’s most popular restaurants

Another popular vegetarian restaurant in Dubai is White Sand Sea, which has two restaurants in the same building. The first restaurant offers authentic Egyptian delicacies along with a large range of cocktails and deserts. The second restaurant supplies a variety of Mediterranean dishes. The best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai offer a wide range of dishes like tilapia, carp, mussels, shrimps, oysters, squids and mollusks. All these dishes are prepared using only natural and healthy ingredients.

Located near Burj ul Arab hotel, best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai offers delectable vegetarian dishes on the terrace. The cuisine consists of chick peas, roasted potatoes, cubed beef, and vegetable soups. The dishes are served with Arabic deserts. The vegetarian meals served at Burj ul Arab hotel is not only affordable, but also tasty.

Located near Burj ul Arab hotel, best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai serves fish dishes specially made for this desert. The dishes can be found here in their original taste with slight variations. The fish is prepared using fresh herbs and spices and marinated in lemon juice and yogurt. This is one of the excellent ways to enjoy fish meal especially when served along with local Dubai Moroccan dessert.

Another best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai is The Gourmet Steakhouse, which supplies some of the most exotic dishes. The steaks are prepared using rare Atlantic salmon fillet which is frozen prior to being grilled to perfection. This is a delicious dish which can be accompanied by desserts like mint juleps. The restaurant offers an Indian menu as well, which is popular among many people.

Vegetarian Restaurants
Vegetarian Restaurants

Where are the vegetarian restaurants in Dubai?

If you are a vegetarian and planning to enjoy your holidays in Dubai then I congratulate you on that, but what do you look for in the best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai? And how will you be able to distinguish one from the other? Well, to start with, it is important to know that there is no particular diet for vegetarians in Dubai as all Dubaiis are allowed to eat meat, fish and poultry, provided they prepare the food according to Islamic Sharia law. But the point is that they don’t have to follow a strict Muslim way of eating, and can eat whatever they want as long as it is halal (lawful) for them.

But the question still remains, what exactly are the best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai? And the best way to find out is to have a look at what the best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai are offering. In fact, not only will this help you to decide what to do when in Dubai, it also helps you to plan out your meals ahead of time so that you can prepare the meals that are suitable to your tastes and budget. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Dubai in the near future, I suggest you start planning in advance for the best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai so that you get a taste of the authentic Indian, Chinese, Spanish and Italian cuisines.

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai that serves a variety of cuisines including Western and non-vegetarian dishes, is called The Buffet. Located in the Al Maktoum Street, this buffet style restaurant has been serving cuisines from all over the world for decades. The most important thing you should remember is to arrive early as seating reservations are very much required. Another good option is to go for the Cheesecake Bar which offers some of the best tasting cheesecakes in the world. If you have a desire to test the taste of Arab food then there are a number of restaurants that serve the best Arabic food in Dubai like the Barada Buffet, Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai and many more.

If you have ideas about the best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai, you can share them with us in the comments section. 🙂

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