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Noble stance of the abandoned Greek village, freely wandering goats and sheep in thyme hill, the most unlikely place you coming across small monasteries, mountains, lakes, affluent fountains, centuries-old olive trees, the sea welcomes you with pristine bays will be entered Imbros. This place is full of surprises, discovered an island. Nobody is listening and beer take to the road before …

And is a district of Çanakkale, Turkey’s largest island. North of the Aegean Sea, located at the entrance of the Gulf of Saros. 91 km. has a coastline. 950 square meters of annual rainfall – varies between 1050 mm. Located west of the island İncirburnu, Gökçeada constitutes Turkey’s most westerly point. Since July 21, Mondays and Thursdays, including 2 times per week Imbros-Istanbul flights began.



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As far as location, the Black Sea on the west, while the east of Thrace, which was very spacious dark, Strandja of (Star Mountains) lush forest, the blue of the Black Sea, which combines the green of oak forest is a wonder of nature waist.

When you get a day on this lost paradise what you have experienced so far, have AmAdIklArInIzI, winnings, lose what, injustices you suffered for decades, disloyalty are your disappointment, you fall, you crash, leave the moment a party that spilled. Forget about them for a moment, if you are feeling a speck in the cosmos and eternity we found this lost paradise of arms hand them yourself.

Black Sea blue, endless fine sandy beaches, lush forests, abundant oxygen, swamp forest, bird sanctuary, protection under the 7 lakes and much, much more.



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Its unique nature, rich with underground and surface water resources , which is one of the shining stars of the country’s tourism district of Rize which is what tourists and investors’ interest is growing with each passing year .

Counties located in Ridos thermal plant that owns the same time, Turkey Tourism Association Board of Directors is a member in November Sour , the upcoming summer tourist season from tourism have high expectations , said: ” İkizdere our district about 30 acres of land, installation of a thermal plant we have . Foreign tourists in recent years, our region has a significant interest . İkizdere ; Cimili , Anzor , Ovit have as much presence of important and beautiful plateaus . Ground and surface water resources a district where there is plenty of . An area with untouched forests . This year our very high expectations from tourism as İkizdere . Direct flight from Saudi Arabia to put our region, our region has caused an explosion in the number of tourists coming . Ikizdere tourists come especially from Arab countries heavily . Our booking an intensive driving . Ikizdere tourists here from hiking, camping tours , waterfall tours , fishing and most importantly, can benefit from the thermally-induced health tourism , “he said .


November sour İkizdere the mineral water and the thermal conductivity in terms of the rate is not unique in the world , said: ” About three thousand of our thermal water have 600 different minerals . This is very much on world standards . Sounds good to a lot of diseases . Arthritis, rheumatic diseases, skin diseases , especially be good for many diseases were detected with scientific studies . Visitors to our facility to find remedies to get rid of the disease were divided , “he said .

Tallowyl will burst GRAIN OF TOURISM

Ovit Tunnel completion of the ongoing construction of a tourism boom expected in the region with serious attention Sour ” Ovit Tunnel to be completed by the provinces of East and Southeast region between the Black Sea region will be a lot easier transport . It added the Black Sea region in terms of tourism would lead to an explosion waiting to happen . Reaching the sea of people in the east will be the easiest route . In the winter months thanks to a tunnel easily be able to come to our province , “he said .


Sour , the region’s growing tourism region with a value of tourism investors are now specifying the interest of tourism investments in the region , especially the Arabs started work to do as they pointed out ” gradually increasing investor interest in the region . Contact us going on recently . ‘re Getting serious affiliate offers . İkizdere from Middle Eastern countries , especially tourism attracts the attention of investors . Even now a lot of businessmen from Arab countries in our region have applied to make tourism investment case , “he said.



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Extend outwardly from the nose, the nose on both sides of a sheltered harbor which serves two bays and the main land-based and independent island with a unique visual beauty also having Amasra and 3000 years of history, the charm and fisheries based on local art, as well as the surrounding woodland areas is one of the places worth seeing. Amasra is still the original fish restaurants, hotels and countless homes in clean medium size contributes to the tourism board. Peace River is the artist’s hometown. Remove the Peace River in January 2007, has dedicated the last tray to Amasralı.

10 Must See Places ?

1 – Amasra Castle located in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List includes Amasra Castle was built in the Byzantine Empire period . In the period of Genoese and Ottoman empires are Incidental repairs .

2- Amasra Museum built in 1884 as Sea school building in 1976, was transferred to the Ministry of Culture Museum aut . There are four sections of archaeological and ethnographic …

3- Historic Landmarks Bazaar ongoing for centuries, the history of wood carving ashland trailers bazaar still continuing. Ashland craftsmanship behind and inside the shops with trees

4- The Weeping Tree Landscape Boztepe Rabbit Island to the East of the Island ” Weeping Tree” taken from the sea and air moisture gathers a cypress tree. Weeping Trees moisture that collects raindrops in spring and autumn

5 -Fatih Mosque structural features of the period of the Narthex bearing structure (First Congregational ) section and Ambon ( apse ) projection space are incorporated later . 19 × 11 m in size of the mosque in 1887, covering the space outside the four walls

6- Çakraz Resort and beach with blue sea, golden beaches mas is one of the most beautiful beaches near Amasra . Still keeps its unique natural beauty .

7- Small Church Şaphel can reach 23 different ways . Amasra from Breakwater ( the marina ) Date of climbing the stairs of the fortress , castle in the neighborhood from the extension of the arch bridge

8- Amasra Amasra view from castle and see the future Şaphel can reach 23 different ways . Amasra from Breakwater ( the marina ) Date of climbing the stairs of the fortress , castle in the neighborhood from the extension of the arch bridge

9- Teller Spiritual teacher ( Unpaid Falun trailers in Souk ) in ashland Glass Free Interesting Read horoscope and reach 100% Subtract the Spiritual Teacher and Book

Kucuk kayaamasr 10 – mast pole marquee located in the port area and the sea may enter your guneslenebileceg is a historic district .

Amasra 12 months a year and can accommodate tourism has the potential to holiday lovers. To enjoy the weather, relax in the countryside of the Black Sea, fish and salad for dinner Amasra want to taste the unique flavor of the March-April-May is the best time.

If you’re going to the sea and around Amasra the best months are the months of July-August-September. If you want you can opt for the central beach if you want to put the environment at affordable prices to rent a private yacht and holiday centers (Çakraz, İnkumu, Felengit Bozkoy) can visit.



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Halicarnassus ( Bodrum’s ancient name) BC Born in the year 484 and the ” Father of History ” by Herodotus , known as Bodrum was founded by Dors . Caria and later settled in this area are Leleges . In M.Ö.650 Megeralılar Halicarnassus came as the city expanded and changed their name . Bodrum BC Entered the dominion of the Persians in 386 .

The most brilliant period of Halicarnassus BC In 353 when the capital of Caria region has experienced . Which is one of the seven wonders of the world Mausoleum of King Mausolus in memory of his sister during this period and also was built by his wife Artemisia .

Bodrum BC 192 passed into the hands of the Romans , but did not show a significant improvement in this period . A.D. In 395 the Byzantines , A.D. Is passed into the hands of the Turks in the XI century . Byzantines in the first Crusade war , XIV. century has passed into the hands of the Turks again . Is passed into the hands of the Knights of Rhodes in 1415 . Suleiman the Magnificent in 1522 during the Ottoman Empire joined again .
After the proclamation of the Republic, the name was changed to the basement .

I will pay between the two ports castle , surrounded by sea on three sides, is built on a rocky peninsula . From the north is connected to the mainland . Castle close to the square shows a plan . It measures 180 x 185 meters . The highest point above sea level is 47.50 meters high tower in the French . This tower other than English, Italian, German and Snake towers including tower has four towers . The remaining sections outside the eastern wall of the castle , has been reinforced with a double body wall . Knight for being a strong navy at sea , believe that they can fend off an attack from the sea to be made , they are left weak sea walls , on the land side walls were strengthened .
Inside the castle , is reached by crossing seven gates . I. The castle is in the northwest corner of the door . Station is reached by way of a ramp to the door . Remain behind the door at the start ramp slope . The door is protected from direct cannon shot . There is a Greek inscription on the marble door lintel . Jacques Gatineau, who commanded in the fort during the years 1512-1513 , the castle would be punished persons who will spy on is cautioned . This shows that the Knights rely on living environment .

When entering through the door, which we call the northern part of the trench is reached. On the inner side of the door is a triple armorial bearing group .

Cellar climate of the street due to the occurrence of a large part of life are from the Mediterranean . Is a busy port for centuries , especially from attacks from the sea tireless years which is why the first floors doors and without windows. Can not be seen from outside the high-walled stone courtyard of indigenous fabrics , handicrafts , food is produced to share with guests .

In the bazaar “basement Sandals ” with the name of the trademarked ancient sandals like to receive almost every passenger . Glass beads are manufactured to the same methods thousand years . Production techniques of antiquity beads combine traditional Turkish ” Eye Bead ” would , protects from the evil eye . Rugs, weaving , wood carving, potters of the peninsula, in a thousand colors reflecting the artist ‘s works teem with markets. As in almost every part of Turkey’s regional , the days are determined by the market . And you’ll find authentic souvenirs and the climate where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables according to these markets is much cheaper .

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Çanakkale (pronounced [tʃaˈnakkaˌle]) is a town and seaport in Turkey, in Çanakkale Province, on the southern (Asian) coast of the Dardanelles (or Hellespont) at their narrowest point. The population of the town is 106,116 (2010 estimate). The current mayor is Ülgür Gökhan (CHP).

Çanakkale Province, like Istanbul Province, has territory in both Europe and Asia. Ferries cross here to the northern (European) side of the strait.

The city is the nearest major town to the site of ancient Troy. The “wooden horse” from the 2004 movie Troy is exhibited on the seafront. Çanakkale is the second city to be situated on two continents after Istanbul. However Çanakkale is closer to mid-division than Istanbul.

The first inhabitants of the city, which hosted many civilizations, lived on the Biga Peninsula in the Last Chalcolithic Age c. 6000 years ago. However, very little is known about the identity and lifestyle of these early settlers. According to some excavations and research, the earliest settlements in the region were established at Kumtepe. It is supposed that Kumkale was established in 4000 BC and Troy between 3500–3000 BC. The real history of Çanakkale started with Troy.

Later the Aeolian Greeks settled on that important land in the 8th century BC and established many trade colonies in the region called Aeolis. The region came under the control of the Lydians in the 7th century BC and under the control of the Persians in the 6th century BC. Aeolis went under the control of the Ancient Macedonian army as Alexander the Great defeated the Persians by the Granicus River of the region in the Battle of the Granicus on his way to Asia. The region came under the reign of the Kingdom of Pergamon in the 2nd century BC.

The western part of the Biga Peninsula where ancient Troy is situated was called Troas. Alexandria Troas, an important settlement of the region, was a free trade port and a rich trade center during Roman times. Later in the 2nd century AD, the region was attacked by Goths from Thrace. During the 7th and 8th centuries, in order to attack Constantinople the Arabs passed the strait a few times and came up to Sestos. At the beginning of the 14th century the Karasids dominated the Anatolian part of the strait. During the first half of that century Demirhan Bey from Karasids attempted to dominate the region. The Ottomans gained control of Gallipoli in 1367.

In 1915, during the First World War, Great Britain and France attempted to capture the Ottoman capital of Constantinople and secure a sea route to Russia. Known as The Gallipoli Campaign, or the Dardanelles Campaign, in Turkey it is referred to as the Battle of Çanakkale (Turkish: Çanakkale Savaşı), in particular the sea battle which took place on March 1915 where the Royal Navy was repulsed by Turkish forces. During the naval battles, Joule, AE2, HMS Triumph, HMS Ocean and HMS Goliath were among the ships sunk by Turkish forces.

Canakkale has one airport, which is 3 km off the city, serving since 1995. Anadolu Jet a trademark of Turkish Airlines, and Borajet has flights from Istanbul and Ankara seven days a week.

Sea transportation is vital for the city since it is located on both sides of Asian and European continents, just like Istanbul.

Çanakkale is linked to north, east, and south by well-paved highways numbered E87/E90/D.550, E90/D200, and E87/D550 respectively. There are buses from Istanbul and Izmir at any time, day or night. It takes five and a half to six hours to get from Istanbul to Canakkale, and about the same time from Izmir.



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