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Sheraton Grand Adana is one of the best hotel in Adana, preferred for its service concept and location. Located by the Seyhan River, Sheraton Grand Adana draws attention with the river view dominating all its rooms, its location in the city center and the comfort it offers within the hotel. The hotel, which has taken all hygiene measures due to the covid-19 pandemic, continues to welcome its guests.

Sheraton Grand Adana, which was bought by Adalı Holding and brought to the service sector in 2014, when it was the building of Yüreğir Municipality in the past, has passed to the upper segment “grand” category two years after its opening and regains its current structure. With the transfer of the Sheraton brand to Marriott International in 2017, the Marriott line is added to the service concept.

The guest portfolio of the hotel, which is preferred for both business trips and touristic trips, consists of guests especially from abroad. Can Akşit has been the general manager of the hotel for more than two years. Saying that they are located in a special area of ​​Adana, Akşit said, “We are between the Seyhan River, one of the symbols of Adana, and the Sabancı Central Mosque. All our rooms dominate this view. We are also within walking distance of the shopping mall in the area. The building of our hotel is designed in the shape of the letter ‘S’. In fact, this is a project that our investor sees as a prestige in order to keep their promise to Adana. Our hotel, which is built on 42 acres of land, has very pleasant open areas. We already employ a landscape architect, a head gardener and five staff for our garden. We have a walking path, tennis court, and both indoor and outdoor basketball courts in our garden,” he says.

Adana Best Hotels
Sheraton Grand Adana

Sheraton Grand Adana Promises Comfort in its 240 Rooms

Sheraton Grand Adana has 240 rooms. 16 of these rooms have been prepared as residence rooms, which include a kitchen and where a family can live very comfortably. Ideal for long stays, this room type has a separate elevator and garage. Apart from this, the hotel has 16 terrace suite rooms. Some of these rooms have a jacuzzi, and some have both general and private air conditioning systems. Apart from this, the hotel has 10 different types of rooms such as classic, deluxe and club. The common feature of all rooms is the stylish decoration. “We offer a wide variety of room options from 300 square meters to 38 square meters,” says Akşit. Taking precautions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world Akşit explains the process experienced in Sheraton Grand Adana, which continues to provide services, with these words: “We have never closed the hotel completely due to our guests staying for a long time. But due to travel restrictions, we had troublesome times like the whole industry. At that time, our collective use areas were closed. We served our guests only in their rooms. With the lifting of the travel restriction as of July 1, the way we serve has changed completely. We received the Safe Tourism Certificate. In fact, we have passed two unannounced inspections so far and we have passed these inspections with high scores. We bag almost everything in the rooms in line with the criteria set by both the Ministry of Tourism and Marriot. Again, we put hand sanitizer, mask and alcohol wipes in the rooms. All our employees have to work with bonnets and masks. Our staff serve our guests behind glass partitions in areas such as open buffet and reception.”

Sheraton Grand Adana Offers Many Possibilities

The hotel has a very assertive fitness center that stands out in the region. The fitness area, which has a three-story building, only accepts annual membership. There is an indoor pool, sauna, massage and steam rooms, and a hammam organized separately for both women and men. The fitness area, which includes trainers, currently continues to serve within certain rules. In the SPA area, there are five masseurs and masseuses, two of which are foreign. The hotel also has an outdoor pool. This area is open for use until November. Another special area of ​​the hotel is the ballroom, which is the largest in the region. Sheraton Grand Adana has two ballrooms, one for 800 and the other for 400 people. However, due to the measures taken due to the pandemic process, the capacity of both halls has been halved. The hotel, which is also preferred for business meetings, has 13 meeting rooms. Necessary infrastructure and equipment are available in these areas. Depending on the needs, they serve in different capacities from 150 to 15 people.

The kitchen of Sheraton Grand Adana is entrusted to Executive Chef Koray Türk, a graduate of Turkey’s first cooks school, Mengen Anatolian Cooks Vocational High School. The name of the hotel’s main restaurant is La Spezia Restaurant. Here, breakfast is served as an open buffet from 06:00 to 10:00 in the morning and until 11:00 on Sundays. In the past, the Sunday brunch application has unfortunately been stopped during this period.

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