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Those who choose a vacation on the Turkish riviera on the section between Antalya and Belek can look forward to modern hotel complexes and popular sights and places. You are spoiled for choice between many great excursions that are available around Antalya.

Belek Turkey Things To Do

Tourist attractions in Belek on the Turkish riviera consists of a kilometer long strip on the dream beach, which is densely populated with all inclusive Belek beach hotels. Belek is also known for its golf insert, golf clubs and international standard facilities that are preferred by world famous golfers. The golf course, which is adapted to nature, is home to many golf tournaments. If you want to enjoy sport and nature together on vacation, Belek can be your preferred choice!

Navigate a reservoir surrounded by lush forests on a full day Belek private boat trips from Belek to the Green Canyon. With lunch included and all transportation included, this full-day excursion to the Green Canyon is a relaxing way to discover the natural beauty of the rugged interior of Turkey.

  • See the winding coastline from the water
  • Lunch buffet and non-alcoholic drinks included
  • Ideal choice for families

Belek Is An Absolute Dream Destination for Ecotourism

The sights of Belek Turkey resorts also include a nature reserve, the Köprülü Canyon. Holidaymakers can walk into this park and marvel at the cypress forests and the eucalyptus forests. The park is a good place to cool off when it gets really hot.

Things to do in Belek Antalya Turkey
Things to do in Belek Turkey

One of the most important sights in Belek is the Tolerance Garden, which opened in 2004. As a symbol for peaceful coexistence of religions, it houses a mosque, a church and a synagogue. Of course, the places of worship can also be visited. A beautiful fountain in the middle of the park invites you to linger. Apart from the amazingly well preserved Hellenistic city walls, there are only a few other sights in the city – but all the more attractive excursion destinations around Belek. This includes the ancient neighboring town of Aspendos. The ruined city is particularly known for its well preserved Roman amphitheater, which once offered space for 20,000 spectators. On a tour you will also discover the acropolis, remains of thermal baths and an aqueduct.

Famous Belek Beach Restaurants

Café Istanbul is one of the most famous restaurants in Belek. There are a lot of traditional Turkish dishes on the menu. Another restaurant tip for lovers of fish and seafood: Perhaps the best fish platter in town is in the Deniz Restaurant.

Belek Best Resorts and Luxury Hotels

The resort of Belek stands for upscale tourism. The area, which runs long along the beach, offers very good hotels and holiday clubs of spacious and well tended gardens. Belek is surrounded by fragrant pine forests, dunes and kilometers of beaches that invite you to take a walk on the beach. The modern hotel industry pampers its guests. The holidaymaker feels at home here, who is looking for elegant holiday resorts in a rather quiet environment and would like to spend their vacation near the hustle and bustle of tourists.

Antaylya Turkey Belek BestLuxury Resorts
Belek Best Luxury Resorts

Antalya Belek’s best luxury resorts are;

  • Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort,
  • The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel,
  • Voyage Belek Golf & Spa,Club Prive by Rixos Belek,
  • Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek,
  • Selectum Luxury Resort,
  • Susesi Luxury Resort,
  • Regnum Carya,
  • Granada Luxury Belek,
  • Ela Quality Resort Belek,
  • Gloria Verde Resort,
  • Gural Premier Belek,
  • Spice Hotel & Spa,
  • Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek
Best Places to Visit

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