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Turkey has so many beautiful beaches to visit on your vacation. Turkey’s best beaches are Patara Beach, Oludeniz Beach, Iztuzu (Turtle) Beach, Cleopatra’s Beach and so on…

Whenever someone hears the word beaches, the first thing that comes to mind are the places like HawaiiFlorida, as well as the place of California. But what people don’t know is that there are still many places that offer amazing and fantastic beaches. One of them is Turkey.

And so, to make you more familiar of the finest beaches of Turkey, take a look at this article. First in the list of Turkey’s finest beaches is the Patara Beach. Patara beach was declared as the best beach in the world according to the The Sunday Times. It is located in the Mediterranean and is also the longest beach there. What’s exquisite in Patara beach is that it is backed off by ancient marvelous ruins.

Turkey’s Best Beaches – Patara Beach

Next to Patara beach is the Oludeniz beach. It is probably the most famous beach in Turkey because a lot of people go here especially at peak seasons and times. This may be because it has a lot of good deals in accommodation, have great bars and hotels to go to. They also offer activities like the fantastic and adventurous scuba diving. You can read detail information about Oludeniz Beach at our this page.

Olimpos is also one of the finest beaches of Turkey that you should check out. This is best for those people looking for a great, relaxing and romantic place to visit and have vacation. It is located in the back of a forest and also backed off by Roman ruins. It is quite smaller compared to the other two but it sure will capture your very heart.

Now, if you are just going to visit Turkey in short period of time and you want to go to beach without traveling so long, then the Side is place for you. Just one hour from the airport and you’ll be in this place already. Like the Olimpos, there are also a lot of Roman ruins that you could visit and look at.

Iztuzu beach (Turtle Beach), on the other hand, is great for you if you love nature. It has been the last breeding location for a common kind of turtle, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. The water in Iztuzu beach is generally warmer, it is also shallower than the others. Moreover, there are a lot of cliff tombs that you would want to check out while in this beach.

Next in line is the Cleopatra’s beach or what sometimes referred to as the Alanya. Alanya is the resort while Cleopatra is the beach. Alanya was to be the largest resort in Turkey and so it could contain a lot of visitors and vacationers.

Turkey also prides it very own Bodrum which is the home of one of the seven wonders of the world, the mausoleum. It is also the original location of the crusader fortress known as Castle of St. Peter. Although the beach is small, the sight and scenes that accompany this place would drag your feet to it. These beaches are just some of the finest beaches of Turkey. So, if you happen to pass by Turkey, don’t limit its potentials. It has a lot of great places and beaches to offer you.

Best Places to Visit

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