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Best white sandy beaches in Philippines, most beautiful sandy beaches in the Philippines… The Philippines having belongs to the tropical islands of the Southeast Asia have a lot of beautiful beaches where every guest can acquire gilded tanned from the sun, but among the beaches around the Islands of the Philippines few white sand beaches can guarantee perfect look of a natural tan. We will lead you through the best among the best white sand beaches in the Philippine with the top 3 beaches list in the Philippines Archipelago.

BORACAY | Dream Paradise, Party, Cheer and Adventure
Boracay is the most beautiful and most admired destination of both local tourist and abroad whether by youngster or those who wish to feel young at heart and taste a dream come true vacations in Paradise. The distinct white powdery sand of the beach that creates an edge among white beaches in the country that makes every tourist amazed of the quality sand that it has that other beach do not have making it on the TOP LIST among the best white beach in the island. Some folks say that no matter how hot the weather is, the sand remained not that hot which makes guest stay to enjoy the beach even in the hottest summer days.

Young adults and students are the main visitors of the islands who enjoy party, night life, swimming and other water sports or games where they can do anything in the beach like even sleep in the beaches after enjoying the nightlife party. But many families may enjoy the peace of the panorama scenery of the island for those who were staying in the hilly part of the island or in the rear part of the beach but the best thing is that the accessibility in any part of the beach is not an issue.

Philippines Most Beautiful Sandy Beaches
Philippines Best White Sandy Beaches

PALAWAN| Unspoiled, Pristine and Paradise
While it is true that Boracay Island is the most popular white beach in the country having chosen by most youngster and young adults by the lifestyle, parties and raves it offers, Palawan is something for the families and people who love tranquility, serenity and peace. The appearance of Palawan white beach is analogous with the sand of Boracay which makes it on the 2nd Top List White Beach in the Philippines. Palawan is an ultimate paradise picture where every tourist can relax in a hammock while enjoying the beautiful beach with a fruit juice beside that. There were a lot of banquet break near the beaches so that you will not go hungry while walking or lying in the hammock while trying to have that suntanned you love.

BOHOL| Treasures of Bohol
Chocolate Hills is one of a kind tourist destination in Bohol and its beauty cannot be denied, however, it is not the only place that they have which shows elegance and exquisiteness, having part of the Visayan Region, in this particular Island of Bohol, the white beach goers may give credit and try this wonderful beach, Bohol treasures. Although this island beaches are understated on its gorgeousness because it is not so crowded like Boracay and Palawan white beach it also deserves recognition.

Tourist and guest may try some dive sites at Alona Beach or at Balicasag to experience what it offers in secret on why they called it as Treasures of Bohol. Bohol white beaches can be comparable to Boracay Island and Pristine Palawan makes it on the 3rd Top List White Beach in the Philippines.

Best Places to Visit

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