Alacati Turkey’s Perfect Location for Wind and Kite Surfers, Best Turkey Beaches for Holiday

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Alacati (Alaçatı) is located on a natural playground for kiteboarders and windsurfers. Turkey represents for sure an intriguing destination for kitesurfing lovers. Located in the south of Çeşme Peninsula, Alacati has become one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations with its historical stone houses, windmills, calm sea and windy air perfect for windsurfing.

Alacati offers great conditions for kite aficionados and spots for almost every wind condition. This is Alacat’’s distinctive feature from the other coves in the Aegean Coast. And this is why windmills decorated its hills. Today, the never-ending wind makes Alaçatı a windsurfing heaven. For windsurfing fans, one other charming fact is that the sea never gets wavy. What is more is that the sea depth is not more than one and a half meter even far from the coast. All these reasons make Alacati one of the most popular seven windsurfing centres in the world.

Alacati welcomes windsurfers from all over the world mostly between May and September. In this period, Alaçatı hosts national and international races and tournaments. For those who want to try this beautiful sport, there are windsurfing schools. Its calm sea and the water depth make Alaçatı a perfect place to learn windsurfing.

Alacati Cesme Turkey

Alaçati’s area offers also a plus of historical background and glamour, which would be unfair not to mention. A little stone house village, just few years ago, this little gem in the Aegean coast of Turkey has become the favorite vacation retreat for the richest living in big cities. After kiting the village has a great nightlife in its narrow stone streets, full of restaurants which offer the best of Turkish local food and fancy lounge bars with loud music and elegant cocktails.

How to Go Alaçatı?

Alaçatı is about a 90 kilometres drive to İzmir Airport which offers direct and connecting flights to all over the world.

Izmir to Alacati: The closest airport to Alacati is in Izmir – Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (airport code: ADB) – the drive from Izmir to Alacati will take you approximately 45 minutes.

If you plan to come to İzmir via bus and want to go to Alacati, there are bus firms that goes as far as Alacati so you may want to chose them. But even if you didn’t pick them, most of bus firms will stop at Çeşme main terminal and from there you can take minibuses for getting to Alacati.

Izmir – Cesme – Alacati

Istanbul to Alacati: If you prefer to fly into Istanbul you can take a domestic flight to Izmir easily – there are several direct flights each day from both airports in Istanbul and the flight will take just 1 hour.

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