Best Things to Do in Dalyan Turkey, Top Outdoor Activities in Dalyan

Best Places to Visit

Must see places in Dalyan Mugla, top things to do in Dalyan Turkey, and outdoor activities in Dalyan. A special feature of the beaches of Dalyan, in addition to their white beaches that invite you to swim. The Caretta – better known as the giant tortoise, uses it as a breeding ground for its eggs. For this reason, conservationists from all over the world had finally prevented the plans according to which they should be used as hotel grounds in the 80’s. Now the beaches of Dalyan are a nature reserve and ideal for vacationers who want to spend a relaxing bathing holiday beyond the built-up coasts.

Since Dalyan is a tourist area, the traveler has the choice between many different accommodation options. If you are traveling with the family, we recommend one of the comparatively cheap apartments, which often include an in-house swimming pool in addition to breakfast. For travelers traveling alone, one of the numerous hotels is recommended, either in the city or outside in the countryside.

Best places to visit in Dalyan Turkey are; Iztuzu Beach, Kaunos, The Kaptan June Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation, Sulungur Lake, and King Tombs. Also you must visit mud bath and take a private boat to Dalyan River Cruise.

Things to Do in Dalyan Turkey
Things to Do in Dalyan Turkey

Daily Boat Trips – The Dalyan Proposal

Due to its convenient location, day trips to many of Turkey’s most famous sights can be easily made by boat. With the latter, the traveler draws from a real myriad of possibilities – that is also why it is said that Dalyan offers the right activity for every taste.

The Weekly Market Offers Regional Products

One of the most visited places in Dalyan is the weekly market in Köycegiz, where farmers from all over the region sell their products is therefore considered one of the most beautiful in Anatolia, which offers a variety of culinary impressions: fresh seafood, an exotic range of spices and a rich variety of vegetables. After the tasting tour, a relaxing bath in the city’s hot thermal spring is almost mandatory.

The Rural Character Of Turkey – Dalyan Must See Places

Awarded international prizes in different categories including Europe’s Best Beach DestinationIztuzu is a very popular beach in Dalyan. It is is a must see and breathtaking. We must keep this place protected for our future generations. Long wide sandy beach which is kept very clean, there is a nice cafe/bar at one end near to the Turtle Hospital. The Turtle Hospital is interesting to visit.

The Dalyan River of the same name is Dalyan’s most important waterway and connects the Mediterranean with Lake Köyceğiz. A boat trip on the winding river leads through meter-high reeds and a labyrinth of natural canals and lush swamps, where an abundance of fish and bird species live. The wide sandbar of the Iztuzu beach divides the river delta and is an ideal place to relax in a rented deck chair or in the soft sand. A dip in the warm, shallow water provides a welcome cool down in between. A large part of the swamp areas is located in the nature reserve Köyceğiz – Dalyan. Between May and October you can watch the rare loggerhead turtles on Iztuzu Beach, who come here to lay their eggs in the fine, white sand. Wooden pegs mark the turtles nesting sites.

Further downstream, spectacular cliffs rise out of the river. Here you can see carved tombs from the 4th century BC carved into the rock. You can also visit the ancient city of Kaunos nearby, which was once part of Caria. At this cultural site you will find the remains of ancient buildings such as a Roman theater, an acropolis and a fortress.

Best Places to Visit

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