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Clifton 4th Beach, Cape Town, Western Cape As the name indicates, Clifton has four beaches, but Clifton 4th is by far the most popular beach of the bunch. Clifton 1, 2, 3, and 4 are separated by large boulders and offer stretching white sands and icy turquoise waters. Of all four spectacular Clifton beaches, this is the top beach spot for people watching, sunbathing, beach volleyball, frisbee and barbecues.

The white sand and crystal clear water of Clifton’s four beaches draws Cape Town’s beautiful crowd, especially 4th beach. Clifton 4th is on the list of South African beaches that have earned the coveted “Blue Flag Status”. As clean as the water is, you might not want to hop into these Atlantic waters, unless you are ready for a chill!

Even on summer days, the waters off Cape Town’s Atlantic seaboard remain cold. Locals and visitors from all over the world flock to Clifton to work on their tans while lying on this beach’s brilliant white sands. Visitors should be prepared that the only way to get down to the beach is via long staircases that start at the side of the road.

Clifton 4th Beach

4th beach is commonly frequented by trendy people tanning their toned bodies and wholesome families building sandcastles. A classic Cape Town beach with a great holiday atmosphere, there’s no better place to while away your days than on this soft sandy bay, watching the yachts bob on the water as you soak up the sunshine.

Clifton becomes very busy during the summer months as many international visitors come to soak up the sun in gorgeous bungalows built on the beach, staying in any one of the many rental properties overlooking these fabulous beaches. Clifton is a popular spot during the summer and parking is scarce. If you’re planning on travelling by car, be sure to arrive extra early to secure a spot in the small parking area near 4th beach or along Victoria Road.

Clifton 4th Beach is conveniently just a stroll away from La Med, one of the Mother City’s best outdoor bars and clubs. If the South Easter is howling then Clifton 4th Beach is your best beach option with wind protection from the spectacular backdrop of Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles.

Best Places to Visit

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