Traditional Mardin Stone Houses Turkey

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Turkey has lots of amazing tourism destinations and traditional Mardin Stone Houses is one of them. Mardin is situated in the south-east of Turkey has historic inns, museums, stone houses, and more. This timeless poetic city created by the delicate spirit of the mason’s hands that gave form to its stones, named as Mardin Stone Houses. They have been used throughout centuries, are made of yellow limestone and cut stone. It draws attention of so many tourists with it’s perfect structure and view.

About its construction, high ceiling houses protect from cold of winter season, and the hot-boring weather of summer. Along with having these properties, Mardin Stone Houses get people’s attention with its strong structure.

Mardin Stone Houses Turkey

Mardin Houses, especially its windows and doors, it is ornamented with amazing patterns and designs. When you go there, they will attract the attention of you firstly. In the Mardin Stone Houses, there are almost no wood; in contrast, nearly everything is made of stones. This is so different trait that can make different it from other houses.

What can you do anything else when you visit Mardin Stone Houses?

When you go to Mardin Stone Houses, you can also visit Izozel Church, Mardin Fortress. They are close to Mardin Stone Houses. Mardin is also home to the Monastery of Deyrulzafaran, is the most important religious centre of the Syriac Orthodox Christians.

You can also find your taste of food that you like in the restaurants around the Mardin Stone Houses. You have the chance of tasting the Turkish cuisine as well.

Mardin Stone Houses Hotels

You can find any hotel you want to stay in terms of your budget. Kaya Ninova Hotel, Stone Boutique Hotel Mardin are some of them. Their prices change from 180 Turkish Liras (TL), 500 TL, 1500 TL etc. in related to their quality. Stone Butik Hotel has also COVID 19 treatment rooms.

Does Mardin Stone Houses have landscapes?

Mardin Stone Houses have a large amount of views that can make you feel in a peaceful place. Wide balcoons, terraces, different kind of restaurants are just a few things which you can feel comfortable. It has unprecented tissue.

You won’t be regretful about visiting Mardin Stone Houses. It is definitely a place that worth seeing.

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