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Celebrities wear stylish face masks to stay safe during Coronavirus. Celebrities wearing masks during the Coronavirus pandemic, including Lady Gaga, Alessandra Ambrosio, Cindy Crawford, Nicky Hilton and the other celebrities. The Covid-19 has resulted in more people wearing face masks, including also the celebrities. We are sure that you can easily guess the celebrities hiding behind these stylish masks. 🙂

Many celebrities posted their beautiful photos with Corona masks on their Instagram accounts. They also posted their related messages to protect themselves from Corona. Here are the Instagram photos of celebrities wearing Corona face masks. In crowded spots celebrities are reminding their followers to wear face mask up amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lady Gaga
“Be yourself, but wear a mask,” the singer wrote via Instagram on July 23. “I believe in being kind to yourself, the community, and the planet. I challenge my awesome friends to show off their mask game!”

Lady Gaga Coronavirus Face Mask

Nicky Hilton
“Please #wearadamnmask,” the designer captioned a selfie on July 3. “My mask protects you and your mask protects me. Wearing a mask in public is not a political statement. It is about saving lives.”

Nicky Hilton Coronavirus Face Mask

Busy Philipps
“Don’t have to challenge me to #wearamask because you know I’m all about it,” the Dawson’s Creek alum wrote via Instagram in July. “Also – can we discuss how these social media challenges ALWAYS make me feel like I’m in high school again and NOT one of the cool kids?! Well – whatever – I’m not waiting for someone to tag me in some thing anymore – I’m DOING IT MYSELF! #wearthedamnmask #wearamask #weareinthistogether.”

Busy Philipps Coronavirus Face Mask

Diane Kruger
“PEOPLE !! Don’t be stupid. PLEASE ! Let’s protect each other ! Wear. A. Mask.”

Diane Kruger Coronavirus Face Mask

Alessandra Ambrosio
Alessandra is best known as a Brazilian model and television personality. She didn’t posted any photos on Instagram while she was wearing Corona mask. When sh is at outside she always wears Corona mask. Here is a photo that Alessandra Ambrosio displayed her enviable figure in a chic ensemble on a coffee run in Los Angeles.

Alessandra Ambrosio Coronavirus Face Mask

Mandy Moore
The This Is Us actress urged her followers to “be a kind human and wear a mask, please,” via Instagram on June 29. “It’s not a political statement. It should be a normalized act of hygiene and common consideration of our fellow citizens,” she captioned her colorful mask selfie. “It’s one of the only proven preventive measures we have (besides hand washing and social distancing)… So why not? This isn’t forever but we are still in the middle of this battle. #wearamask.”

Mandy Moore Coronavirus Face Mask

Reese Witherspoon
“Hey Everybody! Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It means you care about other people’s health and safety,” the Legally Blonde star wrote via Twitter on June 26. “Be KIND, wear a mask!”

Reese Witherspoon Coronavirus Face Mask

Cindy Crawford
“Social distancing but make it fashion.”

Cindy Crawford Coronavirus Face Mask

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