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We are sure you heard about Cunda and its boutique hotels. Cunda Island is a small island in the northwestern Aegean Sea off the coast of Ayvalık, part of Balıkesir province of Turkey, with an area of 23 km². It is located 16 km east of Lesbos, Greece. It is an enjoyable vacation island. You must taste delicious Turkish cuisine at excellent restaurants at Cunda.

Cunda Island is ideal for achieving both physical and mental inertia. Cunda Island reflects the Turkish and Greek common culture of the Aegean, with its cute windowed houses, narrow streets with paved stones.

Cunda Island is a place where the endless blue and infinity of the sea, like the island, surrounded the calm green of pine and olive trees. It shows the magic of the nature at every sunset.

Cunda Island Vacation Packages
Cunda Island Turkey

The main landmark of Cunda remains the Taksiarchis church.

The large, former Greek Orthodox cathedral was abandoned and dilapidated but is currently undergoing restoration.

Poroselene bay in the north of the island is probably the island’s major “sight.” In antiquity, it was the home of a dolphin who saved a drowning boy, mentioned by Pausanias.

In 2007, after a two-year-work, all 551 buildings in Cunda Island were inspected and registered by Turkish Science Academy and Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Architecture within the “Turkey Culture Inventory Project”.

Cunda Island Ayvalik

A place called Moshinos by the Greeks before the establishment of the Turkish Republic, which means “Fragrant Island”.

Like Ayvalik, Cunda Island was once predominantly Greek, and some Greek is still spoken here.

The island has a mix of the two cultures in its food, music, and nightlife, and lately has been deliberately cultivating this, having realized the tourism potential.

The fishing town has good seafood restaurants lining its atmospheric quay; they’re noted for their grilled çipura (a local fish) and for an amazing variety of Turkish and Greek seafood dishes served grilled, fried, baked, or in a cold seafood salad with interesting dressings.

Cunda is linked to Ayvalık on the mainland by a causeway. The island has a typical resort town, and a bus and ferry link to Ayvalık.

Cunda Island Vacation Packages:
Luxury hotels in Cunda Island: D-Resort Ayvalik Murat Reis (near to Ayvalık and Cunda), Beyaz Yali Butik Otel, YundAntik Cunda Konaklari, and Ortunc Cunda Island are the best luxury hotels at Cunda Island.

Family-friendly hotels in Cunda Island: Cunda Battalos Kucuk Hotel, Tas Bahce Hotel Cunda, Gule Hotel, Cunda Fora Boutique Hotel.

There are regular buses to Cunda from Ayvalik, but the best way to travel is by boat; they run every hour each way, from 10 am to midnight in summer, and dock at the quay right in the middle of the restaurants in Cunda. In winter, buses are the only option.

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