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Imagine for a moment and try to depict where would be a good destination for resting and taking a good vacation. But do not forget St. Tropez, located on the Mediterranean coast near Nice. Being as precious as gold, time is needed to allocate for gleeful moment. Then, you are in the right place. If sea, sun and beach are your interests, you should visit St. Tropez.

It is one of the hottest touchstones for international celebrities and party vibes. Saint Tropez offers miles of sand. Located on the Bay of Pampelonne, Nikki Beach in St. Tropez-Ramatuelle is the best and mostly preferred one. Just lounging on the beds of the beach, you can feel the sun lights of St. Tropez. Nikki beach in Saint Tropez is the place for you if you enjoy swimming in champagne and dancing in the pool.

The “pool party” starts after about 4pm. The staffs are very friendly and the food is excellent. The bar has a good selection of premium spirits, not the usual cheap stuff. With white colour everywhere, the design is very cool. After spending hours on the beach Nikki Beach is the place to head if you want the decadence, glamour and fun.

Nikki Beach Saint Tropez

Fun things to do in Saint-Tropez: As the beats and sounds of international dance and house music fill Nikki Beach Saint-Tropez, the dancing, socializing, and champagne spraying continues well into the evening, making this international party scene one of the best destinations in the world. The myth of Nikki Beach St. Tropez brings you a feeling like no other as they lit chandeliers and candles at dusk. Nikki Beach is a place where, if you’re lucky, you may even be sitting on the next table to someone famous. All are made to feel welcome, prices are reasonable. Besides, Nikki Beach styles itself as a nightclub in broad daylight.

Nikki Beach St. Tropez

Parties are great in this playground. The atmosphere is amazing with great music and live entertainment. Dancing on tables and around the swimming pool is a must. The pool is very nice and the beach is fantastic.

For reserving table, you can call + 33 494 79 8204.

Address of  Nikki Beach Saint-Tropez:
1093 Route de l’epi
83350 Ramatuelle,

For experiencing new fashion in luxurious beach, Nikki Beach is a place not to be missed. In the perfect nature of St. Tropez, just be the part of elegance. You cen get detailed information about Nikki Beach Saint-Tropez at

Best Places to Visit

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