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Faro is an excellent spot if you want to get to know Portugal better. Amazing beaches are within easy reach of Faro, with its Mediterranean climate. Faro is a famous tourist destination for its 20 sandy beaches and great nightlife.

Faro is also known as a shoppers paradise, with a great array of restaurants that strive in their own specialty like the traditional or sea food cuisines and for those party-goers. Faro can also be near to your heart as the vibrant nightlife can be a really tempting reason for you to extend your stay at this fabulous city.

Faro Best Beaches

All in all, Faro is a great place to know what Portugal has to offer its tourists. Faro best beaches are; Praia da Ilha de Faro, Ilha da Barreta (Deserta), Ilha da Culatra, Cabanas de Tavira Beach, Praia de Benagil, Praia dos Três Irmãos, Falésia Beach, Odeceixe Beach, Costabeach Tavira Island, Praia Da Amoreira, Praia da Armona, and Praia do Almargem.

Ilha Deserta (Barreta)

It ‘s known as a paradise. Deserta (desert) is the nickname among the fishermen. Barreta is the geographic name of the island. The island is famous for its fabulous beach, thrashing waves and unspoiled nature view.  The sand on the beach is very soft. It feels very good to walk on this beach. You must walk along the golden sands looking at the big shells. It is a wonderful day excursion. There is only one restaurant on the island. Getting the island is easy on the ferry taxi, nearly €5 and 45 minutes. Be sure to check the time of the last boat back because it’s forbidden to stay on the island.

Ilha Deserta (Barreta)

Best Attractions in Albufeira

One of the municipalities located inside Faro is Albufeira. The name Albufeira came from the Arabic Al-buhera which means sea castle. Albufeira is a main tourist destination, due to its coastal location. During the holiday season there will be a lot of tourists who come to Albufeira to have a look at the beautiful lagoon. The Algarve is perfect with so many restaurants and nice beaches.. This is what makes Albufeira one of the main tourism spots in Faro, Portugal. You must visit Zoomarine Algarve, Falesia Beach, Praia Sao Rafael, Praia Gale, Praia da Oura

Vila Adentro Restaurant

Vila Adentro is very old and excellent restaurant. It looks fantastic with its delightful position, rooftop terrace and traditional decor. Moreover, location and ambiance are gorgeous. If you want a good sit down dinner Vila Adentro is a good option. Most of the visitors’ advice are seafood caterplana, lobster cataplana, octopus curry, house wine, and traditional cakes. A must to visit if in Faro. Vila Adentro is in the heart of the old town.

Vila Adentro Address: Praça D. Afonso III 17, 8000-167 Faro, Portugal
Vila Adentro Phone: +351 289 052 173

Cape Santa Maria

The Cape lies to the south of the Barreta Island and is known for its very romantic sunset, best beach of Faro and magnificent views of the Atlantic. It is well worth a visit for it’s stunning scenery. It has a beautiful sandy beach and lots of lovely shells.

Cape Santa Maria Address: Ilha do Cabo de Santa Maria, Faro 8005-554 Portugal.

Cape Santa Maria Phone:+351 289 822 098

Faro Cathedral

A beautiful cathedral which really sets the scene for Faro well worth a visit.  A small museum upstairs, nice gardens containing a bone cemetery, and a bell tower giving great views over the city and beyond.

Ticket Price €3.50 (2020).

The museum opens Mon – Fri 10:00 – 18:00, Saturday 9:30 – 13:00.

Faro, Portugal

The Faro Airport is located just 40 minutes away from Albufeira, so anyone who want to come to this city from the airport can come to this place by using the public buses, taxis or rented cars.

Best Places to Visit

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