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Megan Fox tattoos 2020. Megan Fox doesn’t seem to concerned with keeping her skin clean for roles – she’ll be cast as the mega-hottie no matter what. She has several tattoos, most noticeably the giant Marilyn Monroe face on her right arm (a bit distracting, that one).

Megan Fox is well known for her tattoos – she has lots of body ink which she’s revealed in photoshoots and onscreen – but one appears to be fading.

It seems her Marilyn Monroe tattoo, which was inked on her forearm, is one that she is regretting.

Megan Fox Marilyn Monroe Tattoos
Megan Fox’s Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

At a recent event the tattoo appeared much more faint, with a lot less detail, leading onlookers to believe she’s in the process of having it removed. While most of her others can be covered by clothing, as this one’s on her forearm it’s difficult to cover.

Explaining the tattoo in 2009 to Us Magazine, Megan said:

“I really admire Marilyn Monroe, but I would never try to emulate her. I got the tattoo as a warning.

“It warns me not to let myself be treated so badly by the film industry so that it breaks me down.”

The Daily Mail reports that she’s made no comment about her tattoo so far, so we’ll have to wait and see if Marilyn fades away…

Megan Fox Best Tattoos
Megan Fox Tattoos

One of Megan Fox’s newest tattoos is a quote inked on her right ribcage that may or may not be a quote by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Who knew that Megan was interested in Nietzsche, never mind willing to get a quote of his permanently inked on her body. But that’s not the only interesting thing about Megan Fox’s rib tattoo. Find out what Hollywood vet the infamous tat was inked in honor of!

What seems to be Megan Fox’s newest tattoo is a large quote she has inked down her right side, onto her ribcage. Megan Fox’s rib tattoo is written diagonally across her ribcage, and reads “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Wondering what that’s all about? Mickey Rourke, of course! As Megan says, “I actually got a tattoo that is sort of in honor of him. It’s on my ribs. I don’t know if it’s been photographed yet, but it’ll come out eventually, I’m sure.” Megan Fox has faced plenty of criticism in recent years because of her abundance of tattoos and their sometimes seemingly random meanings. But as Megan says, “All the tattoos that I’ve gotten are things that I got on the spur of the moment and that I’m very passionate about.”

Although many people have attributed Megan Fox’s rib tattoo to German philosopher and poet Friedrich Nietzsche, others insist that the quote belongs to a poet named Angela Monet. It would be an understatement to say that Miss Monet is a little-known poet; she actually seems to not exist at all! Staff at the Poetry Society have never heard of her, and the Poetry Library has no record of her in the library’s database.

Some people think that Megan Fox’s rib tattoo may actually be an adaptation of a verse from the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi: “We rarely hear the inward music but we’re all dancing to it nonetheless.” So the Megan Fox tattoo mystery continues.

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