What are the activities that can be done on the weekend in Istanbul?

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What are the activities that can be done on the weekend in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city famous for its Saturday events. Istanbul, a city rich in every sense from shopping to entertainment, from taste to fascinating historical buildings, is one of the famous destinations in the fields of culture and art.

1) Bosphorus Cruise and Visit Galataport

Bosphorus cruise is an indispensable activity in Istanbul and one of the most suitable activities for breathing fresh air and relaxing in Istanbul’s cool waters.

2) Historical Peninsula Tour

You can eat fish and bread in the streets of Eminönü, one of the historical districts of Istanbul, and end your weekend with the historical buildings of the Galata Tower by wandering the narrow streets of Karaköy.

3) Stroll in Forests and Parks

Istanbul is home to many natural wonders with its groves and parks on both sides of Anatolia and Europe, ready to accompany your weekend, especially in summer. Especially Fenerbahçe Park, Atatürk Botanical Garden, Yıldız Park, Fetti Paşa Forest and Emirgan Forest are the most popular ones.

4) Museum Visits

Even though the museum receives more tourists than those living in Istanbul, feel free to visit the Istanbul Museum more than once. Coming back to a museum you’ve visited changes your perspective and makes you a part of the history of where you live. At the intersection of Istanbul Modern and MSGSÜ Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum in Galataport, a favorite of Istanbul, you can find a square of 14 thousand square meters of Istanbul, the city, culture and art in one place.

5) Develop Your Hobbies

Almost every district in Istanbul has its own character. You can easily add places like Kadıköy Baylan Patisserie, Beşiktaş Midyeci Ahmet, Karaköy Güllüoğlu to this list.

6) Follow Istanbul Weekend Events

Istanbul concerts, festivals, concerts, cinemas and theaters will be perfect for your weekend evenings. You can follow activities that combine entertainment with an artistic point of view.

After the Bosphorus cruise, the most popular weekend activity is the island tour. Cycling on the streets of the island, especially in summer, is one of the activities that will spice up your weekend.

You can choose different professions such as ceramics, glass painting, jewelry design to get rid of stress with Istanbul weekend activities. You can register for seminars especially on the European side.

Istanbul, one of the most rooted cities in the world and considered the center of the world, connects Europe and Asia in the Marmara region and is a center of culture, art, economy, trade and tourism. Everyone can find suitable Istanbul weekend activities for themselves.

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